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Did you know that 2WM offers service at your location 24x7-365 including holidays.

Emergency Service

    2 Watch Monitoring Essential Business is open.  Please call (253) 589 0224

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    2 Watch Monitoring Essential Business open.  Please call (253) 589 0224

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    2 Watch Monitoring Essential Business is open.  Please call (253) 589 0224.

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  • This is a great service you guys are doing. I have been treated very well, with respect and dignity and not like a criminal. I’ve been treated like a person who simply made a mistake. Thank you to 2WM and all of its great employees.


       Tacoma, WA

  • “Thank you” for your service. I’ve never dealt with people who treated me with respect and dignity you did. I would not want to be on house arrest in the future but am blessed that I am doing it thru 2WM.


       Tacoma, WA

  • I would recommend your company to anyone I know. I want to start a drunk driving assistance business that gets people home from bars/club. Also, I would help them get through their sentencing (house arrest, alcohol monitoring, etc.) 2WM is the only company I would recommend.


       Seattle, WA

  • Dear 2 Watch Monitoring Folks, Thank you so much for all of your help this past month while I was under house arrest. You made an unpleasant experience not as bad as I envisioned! I also wanted to specifically thank Rueben who rescheduled my last day because I was sick, you are awesome. Thank you again for all your amazing work, patience and kindness with me!

    Katie D.
  • … Please let all of your staff know how grateful I am for the help, and the care they shared. Many thanks, and best wishes to you ALL. Take care my Friends…


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