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Electronic Home Monitoring

Electronic Home Monitoring

Electronic home monitoring is used as an alternative to incarceration by confining an offender to “house arrest.” House arrest restricts the ​individual to their homes as ordered by the court, although they are allowed to go to work ​ and other court-sanctioned activities in some cases. Their movements are monitored via an ankle device with a monitoring station.

EHM or electronic home monitoring is an effective way to provide the legal system to assure that an offender complies with the court order and notify them when the offender is not. Using a court-approved provider for setup with monitoring equipment and supervision is ​the best and safest bet for having a chance at avoiding jail time while awaiting trial or meeting the terms of ​the sentence.

2WM is court-approved in most jurisdictions and has the experience to make sure each person can successfully get set up and meet their court’s requirements to keep them in compliance. The systems that 2WM uses for EHM meet​s​ all the criteria that court orders require. Besides, our team of specialists can help ​each person successfully navigate an otherwise tricky situation.

When installing an EHM system, we will provide a base station for ​the home connected to a landline or a wireless network and give an ankle monitoring device. Those devices transmit the required information to our monitoring center. This meets the required elements of most court orders for allowing house arrest. If exceptional circumstances exist, 2WM can tailor a program around ​a specific court order.

GPS (Global Positioning System) offender monitoring features a one-piece tracking device with a built-in CPU for storing zone restrictions and GPS points, allowing the device to operate even when cellular networks are out of range.

GPS monitoring is used for various court-ordered needs and depends on the actual supervision requirements for how GPS monitoring is applied. The ability to use GPS gives 2WM the ability to ensure that the court-ordered requirements are met and reported accurately to ensure community safety.

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Alternative to Jail
2WM is court-approved in most jurisdiction and provide the correct equipment to meet the requirements of house arrest court orders. 2WM offers you the best chance of avoiding jail time while waiting for trial or serving the terms of your sentence.
Compliance with Court Order
2WM has the experience, credentials, and necessary equipment and procedures to ensure that you will remain in compliance with your court order. This ensures that you can meet the terms of your court order, so you don’t find yourself back in jail.
Ensuring Public Safety
The success of an EHM program depends on the courts being able to trust that public safety is being met. This assurance is what allows offenders the alternative to jail. Court-approved providers with the correct experience and equipment are what create that trust and assurances.

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