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2WM has assisted a broad range of municipal, district, superior, and state agencies throughout the state of Washington since 2008.  These include courts, adult and juvenile probation, and pretrial services.  It’s 2WM’s long-established policy to adhere strictly to the order of the court.

We have built an affordable program that is offender/defendant paid, easy to implement and keeps the offender compliant with their court order.  This program offers another tool that can be used to help with the behavior process of the offender.

Reports are available to be sent to the courts via email, fax, mail (upon request), or at a predetermined interval.

2WM is court-approved in Washington state, making the process of department setup easy and safe for the offender.  Let our courteous team, who is available around the clock; work with your department to meet your community monitoring needs.

Department of Assigned Counsel (DAC), Active Duty Military and Veterans

2WM has committed to helping clients deemed indigent and who have qualified for a court-appointed attorney by reducing the program costs.  Eligibility for the rates is contingent upon assigned counsel representation on the court order, the defendant/offender’s enrollment, completion, and check-ins at any of our three locations: Olympia, Tacoma, or Vancouver.

How We Work?

Free Pre-Approval Letter
Pre-Screening is done for clients in custody.  Pre-Qualifying is done for clients not in custody.  Once a client’s pre-screening or pre-qualifying has been completed, a pre-approval letter addressing the court will be issued in the client’s name.  Upon the court’s order, 2WM will provide EHM services and continue to remain in communication with the client and the court.
24/7/365 Urgent Response
Our courteous team is on call 24/7, including holidays, in order to help secure our client’s release faster than our competitors.
Court Approved
2WM is court-approved in the State of Washington.  This is required, and essential to abiding by state policy.  We are authentic and seek to provide the best service money can buy.
Flexible Billing
The pricing of house arrest should not be a deterrent to future clients.  Our team will work to customize a payment plan that works for our clients and help them meet court obligations.
Complete Monitoring Solution
Our experienced staff will ensure that clients are fitted with the best equipment to meet the terms of their court order through monitoring activities.
Verification & Reporting
Accountability, accuracy, and communications are critical to the success of any monitoring program.  We can provide the necessary updates to the court, monitoring devices, and, when complete the ordered terms, final reports.
Court Referral Form

Monitoring Programs

Alcohol Monitoring

2WM offers a unique, cost-effective alternative to the high cost of incarceration.  Alcohol Monitoring provides an option for the client to be continuously monitored for alcohol consumption through the ankle monitor.  We also offer GPS featured Portable Breathalyzers to test for sobriety and report current location.

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Electronic Home Monitoring

House arrest ensures defendants remain home.  The court may permit certain activities, such as verifiable employment, medical appointments, and court appearances.

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GPS Monitoring

By deciding to participate in GPS Monitoring, defendants will be able to work, afford the cost of vigorous defense, spend time with their family.  GPS Monitoring will keep defendants in compliance with their court orders.

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Make it simple, with 2WM!

Contact us at (253) 589-0224 ext 1 to find out how we can assist you with your community monitoring needs.

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