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Since 2002, we have assisted a broad range of municipal, district, superior, state, and federal agencies throughout the state of Washington. These include courts, adult and juvenile probation, and parole agencies.

Offer your clients a cost-effective and discreet service for house arrest or monitoring. We have a broad range of solutions for monitoring backed with the best equipment in the industry. Our staff can help you get your client released quicker because we are available year-round, including holidays.

We are court-approved in many jurisdictions making the process of getting your office setup easier and safer for your client. Let our courteous team, which is available around the clock, work with your office to meet your client’s court-ordered EHM obligation.

Department of Assigned Counsel (DAC)

2WM has committed to help clients deemed indigent and who have qualified for a court-appointed attorney by reducing the program costs. Eligibility for the rates is contingent upon assigned counsel representation on the court order and the defendant/ offender completing enrollment, completion, and any check-ins at either of our two Olympia or Tacoma locations.

How We Work?

Free Pre-Approval Letter
Pre-Screening is done clients in-custody requiring EHM services.Pre-Qualify done for clients NOT in-custody requiring EHM services.Once client Pre-screening or Pre-qualifying is done… a Pre-approval letter is issued in the client’s name addressing the court that upon the order of the court, 2WM will provide EHM services and notify court of any issues.
24/7 Emergency Response
Our courteous team is on call 24/7 x 365 and holidays to provide service when others are not. We can provide assistance at any time to assist with your needs.
Court Approved
2WM is court approved in most jurisdictions in the State of Washington. This can help when you need someone that has already been vetted to assist with your needs.
Flexible Billing
We have flexible billing plans that can be tailored to fit your needs.
Complete Monitoring Solution
Courteous and experienced staff will ensure that you are fitted with the best equipment to meet the terms of your court order. The same staff will work with you to keep you in compliance with the court order through monitoring activities.
Verification & Reporting
Accountability, accuracy and communication is critical to the success of any monitoring program. We can provide the necessary updates to the courts to allow you to remain on monitoring and then notice when you have completed the terms as ordered by the court.
Court Referral Form

Monitoring Programs

Alcohol Monitoring

A unique, cost-effective alternative to the high cost of incarceration. Provides an option to be continuously tracked via an active GPS-enabled solution incorporating a small, lightweight ankle bracelet with alcohol consumption monitoring capability through built in alcohol sensors.

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Electronic Home Monitoring

House arrests restrict defendants to their homes although they are allowed to go to work or attend such special functions such as medical appointments. Law enforcement officers apply electronic home monitoring whereby the defendants must always wear monitoring ankle bracelets.

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GPS Monitoring

Taking advantage of GPS Monitoring, you will be able to work, better able to afford the cost of a vigorous defense, spend time with your family, etc. GPS Monitoring will keep you in compliance with your court order. Depending on the seriousness of the allegations you may be eligible for our program.

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Make it simple, with 2WM!

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