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Participant Resources

2 Watch Monitoring offers exceptional online tools that make the process simple and discreet.  You can apply and update your Permitted Activity Plan (PAP) and make payments online.  Access our Participant Resouce center to take advantage of these valuable resources.


2 Watch Monitoring is dedicated to making difficult situations as easy as possible.  We offer locations in Tacoma, Olympia, and Vancouver and offer services to our clients throughout western Washington.  Our courteous staff will treat you with dignity and respect to make this transition as comfortable as possible.

We have a 24/7 Mobile Response Team to help expedite your enrollment and release.  While others may take as long as seven days to arrange for your release, 2WM will work to secure it.

Don’t let the pricing deter you. We understand that every situation is different, and we will work with you or your family to determine the pricing and service package to meet your needs. 2WM has established the industry’s most competitive pricing, even when some folks struggle to make this financial obligation. 2WM prides itself in working with each individual to customize a financial plan to meet their court obligation.

Washington state’s courts approve us, which is very important for your case.  A court’s approval ensures you can stay in our program and out of jail, and your money will not be wasted.

How We Work?

Free Pre-Approval Letter
Pre-Screenning is done for clients in custody.  Pre-Qualifying is done for clients not in custody.  Once a client’s pre-screening or pre-qualifying has been completed, a pre-approval letter addressing the court will be issued in the client’s name.  Upon the court’s order, 2WM will provide EHM services and remain in communication with the client and court.
Se Habla Espanol
Personal dedicado para apoyo en español​.
24/7 Urgent Response
Our courteous team is on call 24/7 and on holidays in order to help secure our client’s release faster than our competitors.
Court Approved
2WM is court-approved in the State of Washington. This is required and essential in abiding by state policy.  We are authentic and seek to provide the best service money can buy.
Flexible Billing
The pricing of house arrest should not be a deterrent to future clients.  Our team will work to customize a payment plan that works for our clients and help them meet court obligations.
Complete Monitoring Solution
Our experienced staff will ensure that clients are fitted with the best equipment to meet the terms of their court order.  The same staff will collaborate with clients to assist in compliance with the court order through monitoring activities.
Verification & Reporting
Accountability, accuracy and communication are critical to the success of any monitoring program. We can provide the necessary updates to the courts, monitoring devices, and final reports when the clients complete the ordered terms.

Monitoring Programs

Alcohol Monitoring

2WM offers a unique., cost-effective alternative to the high cost of incarceration.  Alcohol Monitoring allows the client to be monitored for alcohol consumption through the ankle monitor.  We also offer GPS Portable Breathalyzers to confirm location and to test for sobriety.

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Electronic Home Monitoring

House arrest ensures defendant remain home.  The court may permit certain activities, such as verifiable employment, medical appointments, and court appearances.

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GPS Monitoring

By deciding to participate in GPS Monitoring, defendants will be able to work, afford the cost of a vigorous defense, spend time with their family.  GPS Monitoring will keep defendants in compliance with their court orders.

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Make it simple with 2WM!

If you find yourself or a friend in a tough position, contact us at (253) 589-0224 opt 1, and find out why 2WM is the best provider in your area.

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