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Alcohol Monitoring

Alcohol Monitoring

Ankle trans-dermal testing measures alcohol concentration present in the insensible perspiration constantly produced and given off by the skin. If a person has been drinking, alcohol can be detected in the level of ethanol vapor present in their sweat.

A portable breathalyzer gives more flexibility to one of the more common ways to test for alcohol sobriety. The easy-to-use devices 2WM offers to incorporate facial recognition and GPS to verify the correct person is submitting the breath test and their location at test time. All units are calibrated routinely using the latest technology for confidence inaccuracy.

EtG/EtS Urinalysis testing for alcohol consumption
The presence of EtG/EtS in urine indicates that ethanol was ingested within the previous 3 to 4 days or approximately 80 hours after ethanol has been ingested

2WM is court-approved, which is extremely important when choosing a provider, and available 24/7/365 to assist with your monitoring requirements.

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Totally Wireless Solution
Our devices allow for constant communication with the transmitter and have the ability to communicate with the monitoring center through the wireless network.
Two-Way Voice Communication
Our devices provide the ability to communicate directly with any participant at any time through two-way voice communications.
Automatic Alerts & Notifications
Our devices offer automated alerts for both zone and alcohol violations. Additionally, our monitoring center operates 24 hours a day 365 days per year.

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