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Who we are?

2 Watch Monitoring, a minority-owned business, is the Choice for the State of Washington for alternative incarceration resources for monitoring and reporting. Founded in 2002, 2 Watch Monitoring has been providing superior service and solutions to the legal industry. Their alternatives offer a significant number of positive benefits to an already overworked system.

2WM offers a family of superior technologies in Breath Alcohol Content (BAC) and Transdermal equipment. The very best in GPS ankle bracelet. Highlighted by the state of the art models that use cellular capabilities. Landline is not required as part of starting Electronic Home Monitoring (EHM). Same-day service is available to most jurisdictions.

Being a service-oriented business, we rely on communications and relationships within our company and our valued clients. Our inter-personal skills are also extended to the customer, or participant, who is often in need of supportive allies. Each of 2WM’s agents and executives is very approachable and available. They will all be available by phone or email daily and on an emergency basis. Our staff of qualified agents is knowledgeable, personable, courteous to the participants, reliable, and all have a (pro-active and) “quick-response” attitude.

Our Vision

2WM consistently focuses on the success and personal attention we provide our participants. We take an enormous amount of pride in hearing the success stories we have when our participants complete our program. We have an understanding and discreet team that understands that sometimes bad things happen. We will not judge but we will offer solutions to tough situations.
We are committed to your success and solving what can be a life changing situation. We will provide a courteous and non judgmental staff that can offer specific solutions to keep you out of jail.


Lui Leasiolagi

Lui Leasiolagi