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Frequently Asked Questions

2WM is committed to providing great service and solutions.  Below you can find some easy answers to the questions we get asked most frequently.


How do I get set up on EHM?
Schedule an appointment by calling (253) 589-0224 and setting it up with one of our agents. When you come to our office, bring a copy of your court order, current photo ID, and payment. If the court authorizes you to ‘work,’ please bring proof of employment. During these COVID restrictions, you must wear a mask and submit to COVID questions and temperature tests. 
How much does EHM cost?
It depends on what type of monitoring your court order specifies. There is alcohol only, alcohol with EHM (house arrest), and GPS monitoring. There is a one-time court filing fee. We also have fees for after-hours, holidays, and jail installs. Call our local agent to provide you with a quote. It helps if you have a copy of your court order when you call. Our service is the best, and so are our prices.  Call (253) 589-0224
My friend needs alcohol monitoring, can I schedule a time for him to get set up?
Yes, by calling (253) 589-0224 and one of our agents can assist you. Just remind your friend to bring a copy of their court order, photo ID, and payment. They will also need to bring proof of employment if they are authorized by the court to work while on EHM. Paystub works will for proof of employment or your business license if you’re self-employed. During these COVID times, your friend must wear a mask, answer COVID-related questions.
My son/daughter is in jail and has a condition for release to EHM, can you help me?
Yes, please call (253) 589-0224, and one of our agents can arrange to help your son/daughter meet their conditions for release. We will need to know which jail they are located in, what day they will be released, and who will be making their payment BEFORE we set a jail enrollment. We have a set fee for normal hours, after hours, and DAC (public attorney), which covers the in-jail enrollments, two weeks of EHM, and a set-up fee. Call our agent for a quote today.
Does 2WM offer discounts if I have a DAC (public attorney)?
Yes, 2WM feels very strongly about supporting our communities and those who have financial needs. Our goal is to make our services available to all responsible folks who commit to completing their responsibility with the court.
Does 2WM offer service after hours and on weekends? Holidays?
Yes, we have 24/7/365 service. You call (253) 589-0224 for after-hours service. Always leave a message if the voice mail is on.  We will respond urgently.
Is 2WM approved by the courts?
2WM is approved by courts in Western Washington that approve outside EHM. Some courts do their own internal EHM, but you can normally get their approval to use 2WM. Your attorney can help you with this because 2WM offers a better price and service plan.
How long does it take to get enrolled?
Normally 45 minutes but plan on at least one hour. It will help the process go smoothly and on time if you show up for your appointment on time and have the required paperwork with you.  If you have access to a computer/laptop/tablet, please ask for the link to expedite the process, and prepayment will help cut the time down to 20-25 mins to set you up at our office. 
Where are you located?
We have our convenient offices in Tacoma, Olympia, and Vancouver Clark County.   We are located within a half block from both the Thurston County and Pierce County/ City Building. We have a Mobile Response Team that will make off-site enrollment in the surrounding counties.
Do you provide UA testing?
Yes, and same day results with the 15-panel testing.

Something Else Not Listed?

Questions about something not listed above, drop us a line, and one of our team members will get back to you ASAP.

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