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GPS Monitoring

GPS Monitoring

GPS (Global Positioning System) offender monitoring features a one-piece tracking device. The devices that 2WM provides allow for autonomous tracking and monitoring capabilities without relying on wireless availability.

The one-piece units offer simplicity and convenience. The equipment and programs that 2WM offers will match the supervision requirements imposed on offenders by the courts.

GPS monitoring is used for various court-ordered and supervision requirements. The ability to use GPS gives 2WM the ability to ensure that the court-ordered requirements are met and reported accurately to ensure community safety.

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Autonomous GPS Solution
Allows for monitoring based on stored rules so that the device is not dependent on wireless networks. This allows the devices to be configured with specific rules that can easily be modified to ensure compliance with the court order.
Two-Way Voice Communication
Our devices provide the ability to communicate directly with any participant at any time through two-way voice communications.
Automatic Alerts & Notifications
Our devices offer automated alerts for both zone and alcohol violations. Additionally, our monitoring center operates 24 hours a day 365 days per year.

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