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Affordable Electronic Monitoring

Affordable Electronic Home Monitoring

Affordable Electronic Monitoring

Affordable Electronic Monitoring

If you are in a position where you need the services of a company, like 2 Watch Monitoring, that offers electronic home monitoring due to a court order, you will be able to find affordable electronic monitoring services with us. There are a few things to keep in mind while shopping for a service provider. One thing to remember is that there are three basic types of services that are offered. 

Location monitoring

This type of electronic monitoring is achieved by using Global Positioning System (GPS) technology. Its purpose is to keep track of a person who is sentenced to house arrest or in some cases an individual is sentenced to a partial house arrest. This means they are limited to being inside their homes or place of work during the hours they work. They are also allowed to move to and from work using pre-approved routes. All of this is achieved with the use of an ankle bracelet that is communicating with a GPS satellite device. The electronic monitoring service knows the client’s location at all times, so the client will always be able to demonstrate their compliance with the court order for monitoring. 

Alcohol monitoring

In addition to location, there is monitoring of alcohol. This type of monitoring is also achieved by the use of a bracelet that periodically tests for blood alcohol level. With this type of monitoring, it is only the alcohol level in your body that is of concern, and an individual’s location is not known. If a person does not need this service or only needs this service, then he or she can pay for only what is required.

Combined location and alcohol monitoring

In some situations, the court may require that a person’s location and alcohol level be monitored along with restrictions for both. When looking for a monitoring service, it is important to make sure they are offering the exact service that is required. Some companies may offer GPS location service but not alcohol monitoring.  At 2WM we offer both. 


An affordable electronic monitoring company will have competitive pricing for their services, but they will also offer payment plans. They understand that not everyone is prepared financially for this new restriction in their life, and they are ready to work with clients, so they are able to avoid spending time in jail instead of being at home or work. Many monitoring service companies will provide free installation for the system. 

Before a person becomes too frustrated with what their new life will be like wearing a bracelet, keep in mind that these devices are discreet. The average person can make it through a work day without anyone noticing that it is being worn. The technology is well proven, and there are no side effects or dangers involved in using a monitoring device. They have rechargeable batteries and are not uncomfortable to wear. When a person understands that the service is affordable and will not impair their lives, the alternative to spending time in jail makes wearing a monitory device an easy choice to make.

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