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Monitoring Coronavirus and EHM

Monitoring Coronavirus and EHM

‘Bringing Protection to Our Communities’               2 Watch Monitoring:

The impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to impact our country, state, and here in our community.  It is also affecting our Judiciary Community, 2 Watch Monitoring, and your case. The authorities and healthcare professionals, continue to update us with efforts to contain and eliminate the spread of this virus.  

We encourage you to follow the advice of the authorities as we at 2WM are doing the same.  

We understand the challenges, but this is new to us too.  We are dedicated and continue to stay in constant communication with the referring authorities regarding your case during this COVID-19 situation. 

2 Watch Monitoring operations are executing pre-established business continuity plans, and we are confident in our ability to ensure seamless service and support during these times. 

I want to personally share 2 Watch Monitoring’s commitment to “Bringing Protection to Our Communities”  YOU are our community. 

  • The rapidly changing situation is ‘monitored’ by our team and is following guidance from both the CDC and local health authorities.
  • 2WM staff has always taken the cleanliness of our equipment, office, and environment seriously. Sanitation has always been our process before and will continue after this virus situation. 
  • Our (MRT) Mobile Response Team capabilities stay the same. Our off-site/jail installs continue to provide the same excellent service.  2WM sales, service, and scheduling teams are committed to exceptional service for you. Please continue to follow EHM policies and procedures.
  • It is our goal to continue to keep your monitoring equipment and service solutions functional to minimize any disruption.
  • We are encouraging our team members to follow health authority practices like frequent hand washing, social distancing, and staying home if they are feeling ill.

In short, 2 Watch Monitoring is a critical part of your case.  Today and always, we at 2WM feel privileged, and we are committed to continue serving you and your monitoring program.

If you need to discuss your case and changes to your situation, please feel free to contact our office directly (253) 589 0224, ask for John, Fidelis or Frances or email Service@2wm.com.  You are also welcome to call me directly at (253) 985 5649 or email lui@2wm.com.

Best Regards,
Lui L. Leasiolagi,

Owner 2 Watch Monitoring

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