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Post Pandemic Corona 19

Post Pandemic Corona 19

‘Bringing Protection to Our Communities’ :

Pandemic is finally entering the final phase where we are almost 100%  without mask or at least an option and a personal choice. This virus has affected everyone and has enforced some temporary and permanent changes to our daily lives. It also affects our Judiciary Community, along with 2 Watch Monitoring and your case. 2WM is here to help you comply with the order of Courte Court.

2 Watch Monitoring operations have weathered the pandemic and continue to provide exceptional seamless service and support during these times.

2 Watch Monitoring’s commitment to “Bringing Protection to Our Communities.”

  • The effort to get back to normal has been anything but ordinary. What is normal?   Instead, we have adopted an attitude and business realization that the new norm is to prepare and prepare.
  • Sanitation has always been our daily process before and will continue after this virus. More court cases are done via video conferences and no in-person appearance to the court. But when you have to be at our offices, 2WM staff has always taken the cleanliness of our equipment, office, and environment seriously.
  • Our goal is to keep your monitoring equipment and service solutions functional to minimize any disruption.
  • We encourage everyone and our team members to follow health authority practices like frequent handwashing staying home if they feel ill.

2 Watch Monitoring is a critical component of your case. It is privileged, and we are committed to serving you and your monitoring program.

If you need to discuss your case and changes to your situation, please feel free to contact our office directly (253) 589 0224, ask for John, Fidelis, or email Service@2wm.com. You are also welcome to call me at (253) 985 5649 or email lui@2wm.com.

Best Regards,
Lui L. Leasiolagi,

Owner 2 Watch Monitoring

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